The Studio’s Podcaster Camp for Kids!

Week 1: June 10th - June 14th, Week 2: June 24th-28th

9am - 2:30pm

Calling all creative kids! Spend a week at The Studio at Mizner Park at our creators camps!

Welcome to The Studio’s Podcast Camp! Our immersive creator camp caters to kids aged 8-14, igniting their passion for podcasting as they embark on an exciting journey to create their own podcasts from inception to execution. Guided by podcaster and digital creator Julie Lauren, the host of ‘Hashtag No Filter’ podcast and the founder of SocialCast Media, campers will unlock their full potential. Alongside seasoned mentors and special guests, participants delve into the art of storytelling, refine interviewing techniques, and master the intricacies of audio recording and editing.

Through a dynamic blend of workshops and engaging interactive exercises, campers cultivate the skills and confidence necessary to become adept podcasters, armed with captivating concepts and the unique charisma to captivate audiences. Step into our vibrant black box theater for an unforgettable experience!

Cap off the week with a thrilling finale, presenting a captivating 5-minute segment from their podcast live on stage, with an audience that includes their biggest fans—you guys, their parents! You know, just think the ‘Call Her Daddy’ ‘Unwell’ Tour, but not!