The Devil’s Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tapes (A Film Screening)

The Devil’s Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tapes unearths secret recordings of Adolf Eichmann, one of the chief architects of the Holocaust’s Final Solution, which definitively shows his active involvement in the planning and implementation of one of the greatest atrocities in world history. Recorded in Buenos Aires in 1957 by Dutch journalist and former SS-Officer Willem Sassen with the intention to prove the Holocaust did not happen as portrayed and without Hitler’s knowledge, these tapes show the opposite and expose Eichmann, in his own voice, stunningly contradicting claims he made during his eventual trial for crimes against humanity, war crimes, and crimes against the Jewish people. The Devil’s Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tapes sheds light on the hidden forces that concealed the recordings, altering the arc of history as we have understood it for more than 70 years, and provides irrefutable proof against Holocaust denial and the pernicious antisemitic hatred from which it springs.

Originally premiered as the opening film of the renowned documentary festival DOCAVIV and released as a documentary series on Israel’s tv-network KAN 11, MGM Television, SIPUR, Toluca Pictures, Alice Communications, Menemsha Films, and Illinois Holocaust Museum will bring a feature-length version of The Devil’s Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tapes to North America, beginning with its January 19 premiere in Skokie. The Devil’s Confession: The Lost Eichmann Tapes has already received worldwide attention, with prominent coverage in The New York Times, CNN, NPR, L’Express, and The Times of Israel.

Film Showing March 17-18th, 7:00pm, March 19th, 3:00pm
Tickets: $35.00



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Mar 17 - 19 2023

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The Studio, Mizner Park
Boca Raton, Florida
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